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How Will Arizona SB 1070 Affect State Law Making On Immigration?

Posted by Karen Pollak on Dec 14, 2010 11:52:00 AM

With the Republicans claiming sweeping victories in the midterm elections, politicians in more than 25 states have promised to introduce Arizona-like immigration enforcement bills when their state legislatures convene in 2011. What impact will this have on the rest of the country?

A new report from ImmigrationWorks USA, titled To Copy or Not To Copy?: State Lawmaking On Immigration After Arizona SB 1070 focuses on precisely that issue and provides a comprehensive overview of what's happening in 25 key states and an assessment of whether they're likely to follow Arizona's lead.

The report found that some states have been discouraged from going forward with copycat legislation by a federal judge's decision to delay implementation of key provisions of Arizona's new immigration. Yet others - some focused on policy, others for purely political reasons - are moving full speed ahead to draft and introduce tough immigration enforcement bills.

For more information, read ImmigrationWorks USA's full report: To Copy or Not To Copy?: State Lawmaking On Immigration After Arizona SB 1070.

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