F-1 Student Visa

These visas are granted to nonimmigrant’s coming to the US to participate in a full time course of study. As with all nonimmigrant classifications, the most important requirement to obtain an F-1 visa is the demonstration of nonimmigrant intent. The student must maintain a home abroad that they have no intention of abandoning. The student must be coming to the US to pursue a full course of academic study, and must demonstrate that they possess the financial resources to allow them to study without the need to engage in unauthorized employment. Most students are able to get approved for a stay equal to the duration of their studies in the US and can study in any pre-approved institution. In light of the bars on admission created in 1996, it is very important for the student to maintain their status while in the US.

There are eight important things that must be done to maintain status:
  • Keep a valid passport at all times, unless otherwise exempt from the passport requirement
  • Attend the school authorized
  • Participate in a full course of study
  • Leave the US by the completion date shown on the I-20, or request a program extension from the school's designated student officer
  • If the student wants to change from one educational level to another (for example a bachelor's program to a master's) they must apply to the designated student officer
  • In most cases, work no more than 20 hours per week while school is in session
  • Not work off campus without INS authorization
  • Report any change in residence to the INS within 10 days

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