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Can My Company Apply For Me to Get a Temporary Work Visa?


What is an H-1B Visa?


How Does a Multinational Executive (L1 Visa) Work? 


How Does an E2 Investor Visa Work? 


I'm Preparing for my Visa Interview at a US Consulate.  Is There Anything I Should Know? 


Can I Travel While My Conditional Permanent Residency Application is Pending?


How Difficult is it to Obtain Student Visa in the United States?


Can My Company Apply for Me to Get a Permanant Work Visa (Green Card)?


How Can I Qualify for the EB-1?


How is Permanent Residency Different Than Citizenship?


What is an Immigrant Visa or Green Card?


I am a US Citizen.  How Can I Help My Spouse Immigrate?


Can I Sponsor My Family to Live in the USA?


What Does It Mean to Have Conditional Permanent Residence?


Can I Travel Outside the United States if I Have an Application Pending with USCIS?


How do I prepare for immigration reform if I am a farm worker?



What is the process to get a green card through employment?



What are the top 5 questions asked at a marriage based green card interview?



What’s the difference between permanent residency and citizenship?



What is the “startup” visa?



How do I prepare for immigration reform if I am undocumented or overstayed my visa?



What are the top 5 questions asked at a citizenship interview?



What are the employer’s obligations when hiring foreign workers?



Can I live in the United States if I start my own business?



What is the H-2B visa?



Who can a family member sponsor to live in the United States?



What is the process to obtain an H1B visa?



I’m a student in the United States. How can I stay here?



What is the difference between an immigrant visa and a nonimmigrant visa?



Can I get a green card if I’m on an H-2 visa?



How can I come to live in the United States?


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