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After becoming a permanent resident, you can apply for citizenship or Naturalization. That being said, getting citizenship is not always easy—a number of different hurdles can arise. At Pollak PLLC, our Dallas citizenship & naturalization attorney has the professional skills, legal knowledge, and real world experience that you can rely on. If you have any questions or concerns about citizenship through naturalization, we can help. Call us at  (214) 307-5510 or get in touch with us directly online to schedule your strictly confidential initial consultation.


What are the Requirements for Applying for American Citizenship?

You cannot simply submit an application for U.S. citizenship. Even after receiving lawful permanent residency (a green card), there are certain criteria that must be satisfied before you can apply to become an American citizen. Here is a brief overview of the citizenship application requirements: 

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must have Permanent Residence Status (Green Card) for five years subsequent to application. If married to a U.S. Citizen, the permanent residency requirement is three years.
  • Must have resided for at least three months within the state the petition was filed.
  • Must be physically present in the U.S. for at least one-half of the five years (one half of the three years for spouse of a Citizen).
  • Must have resided continuously within the U.S. from the date the application was filed up to the time of admission to citizenship
  • Must not be absent for a period more than one year during the period residence is required. (Five years or three years)
  • Must be a person of good moral character.

Common Reasons for Denial of Citizenship

An application for United States citizenship can be denied for a wide range of different reasons. Some of the most common reasons why citizenship applications are rejected include: 

    • Application Errors: One of the most common reasons why citizenship applications are denied is also one of the most straightforward: Mistakes on the immigration paperwork. In some cases, applicants accidentally put inaccurate information in their application. In other cases, applicants fail to include certain necessary documents or records. Regardless, a seemingly simple application error could result in the denial of citizenship. 
    • Applicant cannot speak/write English: Applicants are required to speak, understand and write in the English language. An exception exists where the applicant is at least 50 years old and has maintained permanent residency for at least 20 years, or is at least 55 years old and has maintained permanent residency for at least 15 years. Here, the applicant may have the examination performed in his or her native language. The applicant may also apply for a Waiver if he or she is unable to learn English due to a medical condition.
  • Failure of History/Civics Exam: As part of the application process, you may be required to pass an American history and U.S. civics examination. A failure of these tests could lead to the denial of your application for citizenship through naturalization. 
  • Arrests: An applicant may be denied citizenship if he or she is on probation for any crime committed at the time of interview. An applicant may also be denied Citizenship if he or she committed a crime involving moral turpitude. As noted previously, an applicant for citizenship through naturalization must demonstrate positive moral character. An arrest could cause problems in the citizenship application process.  

Application Procedure

Application should be filed at the regional Service Center where the applicant is permanently residing. The Application is submitted on a N-400 form with three photos. Fingerprints are no longer submitted with the application. The applicant will be scheduled for fingerprinting and an interview subsequent to filing the application. Applicants can file their citizenship applications up to three months before meeting the residency requirements.

How to Become a Naturalized US Citizen (Permanent Residents with No Special Circumstances)

Applying for citizenship through naturalization can be a stressful, daunting process. The good news is that you do not need to go through it alone. Our managing immigration attorney Karen-Lee Pollak will work proactively to protect your best interests. Among other things, our Dallas citizenship & naturalization lawyer is prepared to: 

  • Answer questions and explain the process during a confidential case review;
  • Gather the documents, records, and information you need to move forward; 
  • Help you with the citizenship through naturalization paperwork; and
  • Take all required steps to help you and your family get the best outcome. 

Our firm provides full-service professional legal advice and representation to help you find an immigration solution to your visa needs. With a deep understanding of U.S. immigration law and naturalization law, our Dallas, TX citizenship lawyer provides personalized guidance and support to each and every client. Your immigration needs matter to us.

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