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Immigration Attorney Karen-Lee Pollak Comments on Supreme Courts Mixed Immigration Law Ruling

Posted by Michael Pollak on Jun 26, 2012 6:37:00 PM
Charles Bassett of KDAF-TV in Dallas reported last night on the reaction of North Texans to the U.S. Supreme Courts mixed ruling striking down most of Arizona's controversial immigration law.  

Karen-Lee PollakImmigration attorney Karen-Lee Pollak thinks that even this provision may come before the court again. "The supreme court in its wording has left the door open to further challenges of this show me your papers law", Pollak said.

Pollak says today's ruling is a warning to other states of what not to do when crafting immigration laws. "I think that the Supreme Court has sent across a very strong message that says states cannot pre-empt federal law", she said.

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