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AILA Urges Boehner to Act on Immigration Bill

Posted by Michael Pollak on Oct 2, 2013 3:50:00 PM
describe the imageToday, House Democrats introduced a comprehensive reform bill based on the bill that passed the full Senate in June with a bipartisan vote of 68 to 32.

"Some might say that this isn't the time to bring up immigration reform
legislation but I disagree," said AILA President Doug Stump. He continued, "Now
is the right time because while there is disagreement around other issues,
immigration reform is something that the vast majority of Americans actually
agree on: that common sense reform is urgently needed and should include a
roadmap to legalization for the undocumented." A February Fox News
that found 72% of registered voters favor allowing illegal immigrants
to remain in the country and eventually qualify for U.S. citizenship, as long as
other requirements are met.

"This bill is not perfect, far from it. Nor was the Senate bill it drew upon.
We are talking compromise. AILA has major reservations about these bills, but no
one gets everything they want. Businesses aren't getting everything, and nor is
labor. Nor are faith groups, ethnic groups or civil rights organizations," Stump

"Like the Senate bill, this House version is tough yet also reasonably fair
and will provide enough slots to boost our economy, help American businesses,
and keep American families together," Stump said. The House bill replaces the
Senate bill's expensive "border surge" package with the bipartisan border
security bill that passed the House Homeland Security Committee earlier this

"We call on Speaker Boehner to bring comprehensive immigration reform to the
House floor. By AILA's count, there are enough Democrats and Republicans who
support reform to get a bill passed in the House. He should bring everyone
together and get the job done. Put aside your differences for one moment and
allow the needs of the many to overcome the strident rhetoric that has consumed
so much of the political process. This is what Americans want and what America
needs," he concluded.

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