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(Great) Changes For L2 Visa Holders

Posted by Karen Pollak on Apr 4, 2022 5:12:25 PM

Spouses and dependents of L1 visa holders are issued L2 Visas. L-1A visas are foreign nationals who come to work in the US in a managerial or executive capacity. L-1Bs are similar, but the nature of work pertains to specialized knowledge. These are non-immigrant visas that enable you to live in the United States for a limited amount of time.

L2 Visa holders are allowed to work in the United States. However, up until now they needed to file an application with United States Citizenship and Immigration to obtain work authorization and could not work until they received approval. There are lengthy delays in obtaining approval which in some cases can take 9 months to a year.

Timing & the EAD

As a result of a federal lawsuit, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued a new policy which allows L2 visa holders entering the United States to immediately work without applying for work authorization. The ability to work will be noted on their I-94 issued by Customs and Border Protection and they will not have to apply for work authorization. The I-94 is the Arrival/Departure Record and the annotation will appear as “L2S”. The purpose of one is precisely what it sounds like—to keep track of non-citizens as they enter and exit the United States.

It is important to note that L2 visa holders who have not entered the USA since the change in recent policy still need to apply for work authorization or work authorization extensions unless they leave the USA and reenter on their L2 visa.

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