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Yudi J & Karen Break Down Trump's June 2020 Executive Order

Posted by PR Team on Jun 24, 2020 10:06:50 PM

Many thanks to Yudi J for hosting Karen on his show to discuss Trump's suspension and travel ban.  The executive order impacts H-1B, H2, L1 and J Visas and suspends immigration to the USA until the end of the year December 31, 2020.  It goes into effect on June 24, 2020 at 12:01am.  This Executive Order only impacts people located outside the USA who do not already have visas or a travel permit to enter.     


01:04 - Introduction

03:10 - Explanation of Executive Order

07:42 - Difference between issue and travel ban

10:42 - Restrictions on DP Lottery

13:58 - F1visas and OPT

14:36 - Had OPT , got picked for H1B , went to India for stamping?

17:22 - What happens if H1B expires soon and the employer files an extension, the subject is present in the US and will not travel?

18:27 -Transferring company , will the candidate be affected for H1B or any kind of Visa transfer?

19:00 - Wife on H4 waiting in the home country for stamping, husband on H1B in the US, can she travel to the states?

19:45 - Wife on H4 in the US, Husband on H1b went outside of the US. Will he be able to come back?

20:15 - People already having valid H1B or any of these visa category, Can they travel outside of the US?

20:49- People with H1B or any of these visa categories extension approved, Can they travel outside the US?

21:20- How long can candidates wait in the US before they can get their visas stamped?

22:02- Passport with the consulate/embassy, will they be stamped or not?

23:18- L1 in the Us, L2 is outside with valid visa, can they come back?

23:46 - My husband got his Visa extension in March and the wife came to India in December for personal reasons and now she had to go for stamping and couldn't get an appointment.?

24:46 - Husband is on H1B in US and Wife is on H4 and has a kid who is US citizen. Will the wife be able to come back as she doesn't have H4 stamp.

25:38 - Are Canadians affected if they've approved H1B stamp ? Will they be able to travel back to USA ?

26:26 - Any impact on OPT renewal and STEM extension?

31:11 - Went back to home country for VISA stamping and they don't have the appointment. Are they stuck ?

31:46 - For regular updates you can reach out to the officer on the social media handles.

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