"Prior to deciding to utilize the legal services of Karen-Lee Pollak, I interviewed 11 different lawyers in the Dallas area to understand who was the most knowledgeable of immigration and naturalization laws. I strongly felt Karen was the most capable and professional of the individuals I examined. Karen provided invaluable support along the path towards receiving my American citizenship, both legally and personally. If I had a question or concern, Karen was always available to listen and to give sound council. Rather than giving up, Karen believed in me and continued to file for appeals, even in the face of adversity. Without any hesitation, I strongly recommend to anybody, Karen Lee Pollak for their naturalization needs."

-Alexander Toulbou, American Citizen

“It is without reservation that I provide this reference for Karen Pollak. Her integrity, attention to detail, creativity, competence, and personal service are unmatched by almost all immigration attorneys. I have personally observed her counsel and guide many institutions and individuals through employment visas, religious visas, green cards, and citizenship. I have also witnessed her work remedying potential disasters created by less skilled and conscientious immigration practitioners. You would be hard pressed to find a more competent and caring counselor for an immigration issue.” 

-Patrick K. Craine, Former Partner at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

“I have known Karen since November 2005 when she worked on my H-1B visa transfer from one sponsor to my current employer. She invest her time mostly on document preparation (collection and review/verification) rather than the "act fast then wait and see" approach. She is one of the few immigration lawyers that I know who strictly goes by the book and keeps everything tick and tied before proceeding even if it means a significant delay (so far has proven advantageous in the end). She made sure we followed all steps and provided complete and accurate information which evidently helped expedite my family's green card processes. I still hold the fastest ever green card process compared to all my friends. She makes herself available at every reasonable time, sends out regular updates, focuses on the current subject at hand and would never give up until it's done. These, I personally believe, is the key to a successful client-lawyer relationship, so I highly recommend her to everyone seeking immigration assistance.” 

-N. Tolentino, client

“In 2005, I sought a H-1B visa for an experienced publishing executive in the UK I had identified as a key to my company's future growth. Our petition, submitted by another immigration attorney, did not pass muster and was denied. Discouraged, but still determined, I met with Ms. Pollak. Her confidence, command of the immigration process, and no-nonsense approach was refreshing. I am pleased to say our 2006 application was successful. We are now in the process of using Ms. Pollak to obtain my key employee’s green card.”

-Victor Horne, QuestCorp Media Group.

“I want to thank Karen Pollak for her outstanding work she did in helping me obtain my green card. She took my case very seriously and resolved my problems very quickly. She is an excellent attorney.” 

-Mr. Y. Shen

“I am attesting to the professional and exceptional legal service provided by Ms. Karen-Lee Pollak on the matter of immigration process for self and family. She's always been quick to respond to my queries, and to act on the INS's requirements for our case. Her knowledge of the US immigration statutes and process, the legal recommendations and steps she provided, and her general handling of our case has truly impacted a favorable result for us.” 

-N. Reyes

Each instance a past success or result in a matter is referenced on this Web site, you should know that each case is different and past performance in a case or matter is no guarantee of a future result in your case or matter.

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