When Immigration Matters

The Great Immigration Debate Continues with CNN's Rick Sanchez

Posted by Michael Pollak on Apr 15, 2010 9:04:00 AM

CNN's Rick Sanchez is at it again bringing Columnist Ruben Navarette of the San Diego Tribune and Columnist Emily Miller of the Washington Times together to discuss the root causes of our broken immigration system and whether it is even possible that Congress will pass comprehensive immigration reform in an election year.

Who is to blame for the broken system?  Is it employers taking advantage of cheap labor?  Is it the lack of law enforcement?  Is it the porous borders? Are the immigrants themselves to blame?

How does our government create a fair system that controls who can come in, under what conditions and who gets to stay?  Not so simple.  With the mid-term elections looming and the backpeddling of immigration advocate Senator Harry Reid, is immigration reform even possible this year?

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