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Immigration Question of the Day | Differences Between H-1B & EB Visas

Posted by Michael Pollak on Aug 12, 2010 10:23:00 AM

I am a recent graduate F1 student, and I want to immigrate to the US. I have a master degree in business administration.

I wonder what type of employment immigration I should process. What are the differences between a H-1B and a EB visa (overview, processing time, procedure, requirements, advantages...)? Is there any salary base restrictions for employers to employ and sponsor me?

The primary difference between an H-1B and EB visa is that an H-1B is temporary, valid for three years and renewable for an additional three years whereas an EB visa is a permanent visa for which you get a green card and lawful permanent residence.

Both visas require an employer to sponsor you. You can get approval for the H-1B visa in as little as 15 days if you pay the premium processing fee ($1000). There are still H-1B visas available this year.  As of August 6, 2010 only 11,900 cap eligible petitions have been filed out 20,000 for the H-1B Master's Exemption.

Both types of visas require your employer to pay you the prevailing wage for your job.

For additional information on these types of visas, please visit the attached links.

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