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E-Verify Self Check Goes Live | Immigration Law

Posted by Karen Pollak on Mar 21, 2011 7:42:00 PM

immigration lawyer dallas txSelf Check gives workers fast and secure access to their employment eligibility information before they apply for jobs.  In this way, workers are able to identify whether there are any inaccuracies in their Social Security Administration or DHS records before they seek employment, and submit corrections for any inaccuracies ahead of time. Self Check also assists employers by reducing the number of tentative mismatches that could otherwise result when a worker’s government records are not updated. 

Every aspect of E-Verify Self Check was designed to secure users’ personally identifiable information and to prevent misuse of the service.  For example, E-Verify Self Check uses an identity assurance process to confirm that the person attempting to run a check is who he or she claims to be to avoid fraud or abuse.

Beginning today, the E-Verify Self Check service is available to users who maintain an address and are physically located in Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Mississippi, Virginia or the District of Columbia. In the coming months, USCIS will continue to expand the E-Verify Self Check service to additional eligible users on a rolling basis.

Read more at: http://blog.uscis.gov/2011/03/introducing-e-verify-self-check-online.html

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