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Karen-Lee Pollak Quoted in TechHQ About H-1B Restrictions Motivating Tech Talent to Move to Canada

Posted by Karen-Lee Pollak on May 17, 2018 11:46:26 AM

h1b visasH-1B visas are becoming harder to get, forcing local businesses to set up shop in Canada - who has a more friendly program for tech and high skilled workers.

The US should be developing frameworks to attract more, not less, programmers, coders, and engineers if we want to hold on to our place as the world’s tech leader.

TechHQ spoke to Karen-Lee Pollak, Dallas-based Immigration Lawyer and Managing Partner of Pollak PLLC:

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Karen-Lee Pollak is the Managing Attorney at Pollak PLLC located in Dallas, Texas. She is a frequent speaker, author and blogger on immigration issues. She can be reached at karenlp@pollakimmigration or under her twitter handle law_immigration.

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