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A Journey to American Citizenship: Maria's Story

Posted by Karen-Lee Pollak on May 30, 2024 12:13:00 PM

journey to american citizenshipChapter 1: The Dream

Maria stood on the deck of the ferry, her eyes fixed on the Statue of Liberty. This was her first view of America, the land of opportunities where she hoped to build a better future for her family. She had left her home country, a small village in Guatemala, with dreams of becoming a U.S. citizen. Little did she know that this journey would be filled with challenges, but also with moments of triumph.

Chapter 2: The Beginning

Maria settled in a small apartment in New York City and found a job as a housekeeper. She worked tirelessly, saving every penny to support her family back home. But Maria had bigger dreams. She wanted to bring her parents to the United States so they too could experience “the American Dream”. To do this, she knew she needed to become a U.S. citizen.

Chapter 3: The First Steps

One evening, Maria attended a community meeting where she learned about the steps to obtain U.S. citizenship. The process seemed daunting: first, she had to become a legal permanent resident by obtaining a Green Card. Then, after three or five years depending on how she obtained permanent residency, she could apply for naturalization. Maria hired Pollak PLLC to assist her in her immigration journey.

Chapter 4: The Legal Process

Maria’s employer was willing to sponsor her for a green card. The Pollak immigration team assisted Maria and her employer in successfully obtaining her Green Card.  Attorney Karen-Lee Pollak, guided her through the intricate process of obtaining a Green Card. This process took three long years. 

The next five years were a mix of hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Maria took English classes and learned about American history and government, preparing herself for the naturalization test.

Chapter 5: The Naturalization Process

Finally, the day came when Maria was eligible to apply for naturalization. She filled out the N-400 questionnaire provided to her by the Pollak immigration team, gathered her documents, and eventually we sent her application to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Months later, she received a notice for her biometrics appointment, where her fingerprints were taken.

The most nerve-wracking part was the interview and test. Maria studied tirelessly, determined to pass and went through a mock-interview with the Pollak immigration team. On the day of her interview, she was well prepared and answered questions about her background, her application, and American civics. When the officer told her she had passed, tears of joy filled her eyes.

Chapter 6: The Oath of Allegiance

Maria’s journey culminated in a grand ceremony where she took the Oath of Allegiance to the United States. Standing among hundreds of new citizens, she felt a profound sense of pride and accomplishment. As she held her Certificate of Naturalization, she knew her dream had finally come true.

Chapter 7: A New Beginning

With her U.S. citizenship, Maria was able to petition for her parents to join her in America. The family was reunited, and Maria’s parents have thrived in their new environment.  

Maria’s story is a testament to the determination and resilience of immigrants. With the right support and guidance from a dedicated immigration law firm, her dream of becoming a U.S. citizen became a reality. Maria now shares her journey with others, inspiring them to pursue their dreams of citizenship and a better life in the United States.

Epilogue: Your Journey

Every journey to U.S. citizenship is unique, filled with challenges and triumphs. If you are ready to embark on this journey, remember that you don't have to do it alone.  Our experienced immigration team is here to guide you every step of the way, just as we did for Maria. Contact us today to begin your path to U.S. citizenship and make your dreams a reality.

When time is of the essence, it’s essential to ensure that all documentation and forms are completed properly to avoid delays. Pollak PLLC can guide you through the citizenship application process, offering clarity and support every step of the way. Contact us by calling (214) 305-2266 to schedule a consultation and start your journey towards securing your US citizenship today.

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