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USCIS Grants Automatic Extension Period for Work Authorization For Certain Eligible Renewal Applicants

Posted by Pollak PLLC on Mon, Jun 27, 2022 @ 5:23 PM

On May 4, 2022, United States Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) announced a temporary final rule that increases the automatic employment extension on Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) from 180 days up to 540 days in certain visa categories. The primary objective for the additional 360-day  extension is to prevent gaps in work authorization due to the USCIS’ significant processing delays for work permit renewal applications. 

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What to Expect During Your US Visa Interview

Posted by Pollak PLLC on Fri, Jan 14, 2022 @ 4:16 PM

Congratulations! You have a visa interview scheduled and are wondering what to expect. This article will break down everything you need to know about the big day.

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The U.S. Welcomes Back International Friends—with Conditions

Posted by Pollak PLLC on Wed, Dec 15, 2021 @ 2:42 PM

The hidden impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic can be seen among the frayed personal relationships that connect people across the world. Family, friends, and romantic partners have been separated by more than just oceans and borders.

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How Can I Get a Temporary Visa to Work in the U.S.?

Posted by Pollak PLLC on Mon, Nov 15, 2021 @ 11:12 AM

American companies can often benefit from bringing over foreign talent to fill out their workforce. When finding the right employee proves difficult, experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel can help you check all the legal boxes when sponsoring a foreign worker.

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General Process For Employment-Based Green Card Applications

Posted by Pollak PLLC on Thu, Oct 14, 2021 @ 10:43 AM

Lawful permanent residence (or permanent residency), which is the legal status for green card holders, can allow non-residents and their family the freedom to travel the country, work, and send your kids to public schools. No longer will they have to worry about visa extensions and planning their lives around time periods of only a few years. 

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How Can H-2A and H-2B Workers Get Green Cards?

Posted by Pollak PLLC on Wed, Sep 15, 2021 @ 3:53 PM

Many employment-based visas allow a path for temporary visa holders to become lawful permanent residents by obtaining a green card. Even though H-2A and H-2B visas are temporary in nature, there are ways for these workers to obtain green cards. The H-2 visa evidences non-immigrant intent, and the green card evidences immigrant intent. If an H-2 worker evidences immigrant intent, it is unlikely their H-2 visa will be renewed. This process is quite nuanced and should be timed very carefully.   

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10 Things Employers Need to Know About H-1B Workers and Compliance

Posted by Pollak PLLC on Wed, Aug 18, 2021 @ 3:49 PM

One option for employers needing to bring over foreign talent to fill positions for specialty occupations is the H-1B visa. This nonimmigrant visa allows employees to legally reside and work in the U.S. for an initial period of three years, which may be renewed for an additional three years—possibly beyond these six years with an approved Form I-140 (Petition for Immigrant Worker) filed by an employer. 

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